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6 week money intensive

What does it look like?

  • We start with the basics. 

  • We take a slight dive into your thoughts that are blocking your money mindset from growing. 

  • We look at the dominant emotions you are feeling with money.

  • We find what you are currently doing that is not getting you the money results you are seeking. 

  • We create a very very specific and SIMPLE plan FOR YOU to keep moving forward in your money journey. Not a plan that someone else has given you or one that you have heard. One that you and I create together that will actually work. 

  • Each week we will stay laser focused within this course. And evaluate the progress.

What does it include?

  • It includes weekly 1:1 sessions with me

  • Intermittent support via text or email

  • AND MY FAVORITE PART a custom digital workbook for you to print and put your entire 6 week plan in! 

This program is available based off of the 15 minute call with Brittany. It will be determined on the call if this is a good fit or another program woule be best suited for you.

Have additional questions? Go ahad and still schedule a 15 min call above.

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