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I help women create a relationship with money they love.

It is time to love your relationship with money, honey. 

It is also time to normalize women talking about all the things money not just about the making a lot part of it. 

Negative thinking about money truly gets in the way of all areas of life and business and it's time to stop all the money drama so you can show up calm, certain, and empowered for you and your clients. Plus your clients can sense when money is stressing you the heck out. Diving into your money mindset is the foundation of so many other areas of your life, because money is one of the very few things that is involved in our every single day life. 

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"Brittany not only pushed me to question the thoughts that were holding me back in my business, but she also set an example of how I can coach. She helped me see what was possible! When I hired Brittany I was looking for someone who was familiar with the coaching world and would hold me accountable to my goals each week. But I ended up learning so much about my thoughts and how to actually create the results I want. Also, while working with Brittany I quit my day job and got actual paying clients."

Sarah D'Andrea, M.Ed.

Sex Coach & Speaker


"I decided to work on my money thoughts with Brittany because even though I had money in my life I had a BIG unworthy story about it. She helped me unpack the stories and create new ones!! She helped me see that I am responsible with money and I am a saver which felt like a joke when we started. She helped me create a love story with money that I didn't think was possible and it has changed everything for me in my business & life. Our work together was powerful for me! I love her and her strong coaching style so much!  I'm forever grateful."

Kylie Clayborne

Beauty & Business Coach

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