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Like many people, I had spent much of my life struggling with my relationship with money. It was this object way outside of me that I didn't have control over. It was something that I needed and wanted but didn't fully value. And I didn't know how to have a relationship with something that I needed but didn't value. I was never taught, like most of us are not. 

Before I was successful with money I was at my rock bottom.

I was overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted at the fact I could not figure out this whole money game. 

The funny part is I have always had a fascination for two things.

Money & Psychology. 

But I could not figure it out for myself. I tried tons of different financial programs and ways that people have had great success with and my results never seemed to change. There is no lack of financial services out in the world but learning how to engage with money is not something we're taught.

Until I was introduced to thought work and how it plays a huge part in our everyday life.

I was a hard worker and I am always super committed to whatever I put my eye on.

But something was not adding up. It was my thoughts about money. 

I was trying to use the same unmanaged mind I always had to fix the same problems. That does not work. What you think about money are the results you produce with money. Same goes for everything else in life too.   

So I hired a coach and got to work doing all the thought work specifically around money. 




Over the course of three years I have went from almost losing my home to foreclosure, almost losing my marriage due to financial strain, to hiring my first coach by getting a side gig at Starbucks in addition to my then corporate job, changing my entire life with money and then on top of it creating a six figure business over 12 months and 6 days. 

Yes, it took me 12 months AND 6 days. But it does not matter as long as you stay committed you will get there. 

Doing your own money work is what will set your foundation strong.

Increasing your beliefs out in the real world is where the work is.

You can focus solely on making money but if your beliefs are not in line with what you are doing then it will take much longer and feel much more difficult. 

No one else can do this for you and if I can do it from the place I was in, you have exactly what it takes too. 

"When I hired Brittany I was scared. I felt like I was swimming in debt, drowning in it actually, and could not possibly see how I was going to get out from under it especially when I was living paycheck to paycheck and barely managing through it. On top of that, I was trying to build my own business and as a coach myself, I could see how the overwhelm and stress I was feeling around my personal money was bleeding over into my business results. 

Brittany taught me how my own thinking, my own views about my debt, and what I believed about debt were the ONLY thing creating all my crappy feelings around it. There wasn't some written in stone black and white rule that said X amount of debt = bad person who will never reach her dreams. That was what I was making it mean and that was the most powerful transformation I had. I knew my thoughts created my results but I couldn't see it in this area because my beliefs around money and myself were so deeply rooted. This transformation set me free. No longer did I see myself as a victim of my financial circumstances and doomed to make poor decisions around it. I paid off $3200 of debt in the first 90 days, created 2 new clients, and let go of years of shame around my money habits.  

One of the best results I have from working with Brittany is now I am a way better coach than before. Not only because now I can help other women who experience shame and judgment and fear around their circumstances but Brittany taught me how to watch the patterns that happen in my own mind and make the correlation between how it bleeds into my business. This is the most empowering tool for a coach. When we are better at coaching ourselves we are better at coaching our clients. Thank you Brittany for your wisdom, your tools and your guidance, I am forever changed!"

Kristen Moore
Life Coach for Women

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"My life began to change the minute I hired Brittany!⁣
⁣So many times I have started a call with her with a mess of drama in my head, but I always leave the call feeling clear and calm.  ⁣She’s like magic for my brain! ⁣
⁣When I started with her I had a web of thoughts around money and being able to sign clients.  She helped me untangle those thoughts that weren’t serving  me and showed me a new perspective.  This led me to sign my first client ever!  And the very next day I signed my second! ⁣
⁣It would not have been possible with out her help.  ⁣
⁣She is a masterful coach! ⁣
⁣Even though she is a money mindset coach for life coaches, it wasn’t just my business she helped.  She also helped me grow in all the other areas of my life.  Two months after hiring her I did a thing in my life which I had been fearful of doing for almost 10 years prior.  ⁣
10 years of fear.  2 months with Brittany and I did the thing!  ⁣
⁣Hire her.  Your future self needs you to!" 

Lesley Micale
Life & Mindset Coach

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